Aimovig Versus URLifeBack

Aimovig -Versus- URLifeBack

How did they stack up when compared to each other?

With Aimovig being slated as the first FDA approved migraine medication we thought it would be smart to compare and see how one did versus the other.  We also felt it would be beneficial to discuss the benefits or lack thereof.

The majority of the feedback we found overall was disappointing considering all the hype regarding this new drug.  How did URLifeBack compare versus Aimovig?

32% of those trying Aimovig rated it a 1 on a scale of 1-10.  Those rating it as a 10 only comprised 19% of the people who tried it. We found this disheartening.  After reading scores of articles on what others were saying about Aimovig after trying it we thought the feedback would be much better than it was.


When you compare URLifeBack to Aimovig we believe there is no comparison.  URLifeback is more cost-effective by far.  There are no known side effects related to URLifeBack and users are reporting it takes their migraine and headache pain away.  The only drawback we could find is that URLifeBack has to be taken daily as maintenance for some whereas Aimovig is a one-time injection that apparently lasts for the month. How did they stack up?


Side Effects -

  • Injection site pain and redness
  • Constipation
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Cramps

With that being said the most common side effects were constipation and injection site pain and redness.

Cost -

  • The monthly cost is $575 dollars and $6900 per annum.

Another drawback is it has to be prescribed so more doctor visits and associated costs not to mention the above cost of it.


Side Effects -

  • Possibility of diarrhea on its first use however; this occurred with only one (1) user.

Cost -

  • Four bottle sizes to choose from ranging from $14.95 to $50.95
  • The monthly cost for our average user is $20-30. This depends on the severity of the occurrence.
  • The average annual cost of $300 dollars.

The most common drawback is that for severe sufferers they have to take 2-4 capsules daily as a maintenance to keep the migraines away however; this is not typical.

Three additional benefits:

  1. It's all-natural and no doctor visit is needed unless you want to just let your doctor know you’re taking it.
  2. It’s available at Amazon as well as on our website for easy ordering.
  3. Plus you can order trial packs to try it before spending a ton of money on it.  Who else does that?

In conclusion, Aimovig is helping some migraine sufferers and so is URLifeBack. Our goal was to compare both so you could decide. There are some migraine sufferers, who for their own personal reasons, will only rely on pharmaceuticals and nothing else despite the sometimes severe side-effects. So for those of you still looking for relief, URLifeBack is more cost-effective without the side effects and all-natural.  This is something the makers of Aimovig can't say.

URLifeBack is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.  Are you still looking for relief? URLifeBack Migraine Support is a safe alternative to help with your migraine pain and relief.