Dealing With The Desire To Withdraw

I Just Can't Help Feeling Like This

Having a migraine headache attack drains you emotionally and physically and can cause you to want to withdraw from everything. The thought of trying to be social or even attending an event is incomprehensible. For me, the thought of either of these took a huge amount of effort and brain energy on my part.

When I'm dealing with a migraine, I usually allow all of my calls to go to voicemail and I have no desire to open or read an email. To most of you these tasks sound simple enough, right?  Not so much when you’re dealing with a migraine. For me this task was insurmountable. What made matters even worse was my desire to want to withdraw from everything. This withdrawing kept calling my name more and more during each migraine event.

Lack Of Being Involved

Trying to explain this idea of withdrawing too, “normal people” fell on deaf ears most times. Having to explain or even describe how withdrawn I felt when suffering was even more difficult.  For me, I didn't feel like talking, socializing or doing anything that most of us would call normal activities.  Most of the people I loved interpreted my lack of being involved or communicating as how I truly felt about them. I hated this because how I felt was completely different than the vibe I gave off while dealing with a migraine episode.

Even while suffering, I had to learn how to get back to normal and doing things as simple as returning a message or calling someone.  Sadly, there were times when a lot of time had passed before I did so. How I eventually learned how to handle it was to shoot a quick text to them letting them know in as little detail as possible that I was under the weather.  Most people understood this.

Vulnerability Is A Good Thing

One thing I learned was to be totally honest with my family and friends and let them know how sick I really was during a migraine episode. What I found was that doing this actually made those relationships stronger.

In a nutshell, I don’t have the anxiety I used to anymore.  I used to worry about potentially damaging a relationship by being distant and non-responsive because of my pain. I now know without a doubt that my loved ones do support and love me. Learning how to be vulnerable in this area has helped me to be vulnerable in other areas as well.

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