Do You Have Migraine Guilt?

Do You Have Migraine Guilt?

Anyone who has ever suffered from Migraines understands the guilt that is associated with them. Here is a relatable story most sufferers can identify with:

Is This You?

You’re sitting at work and you begin to feel that pressure behind your eye.  It begins to move to the side of your head and then down the back of your neck. From there it settles in your shoulders. By days end you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi-truck twice. As you leave work for the day you can’t wait to get home. Sadly the drive will take at least another hour due to rush hour.

I'm Home

Once at home all you can think about is climbing into your pajamas. Then you remember you have to fix dinner, check homework, pay the bills and whatever else may come along (Guilt).

Excited To FInally Rest, So You Think

Finally, once the kids have been fed, bathed and ready for bed they ask you to read them a story. You're still hurting from your migraine and tell them, “Kids, momma will read you one tomorrow, I’m not feeling well.” (Guilt) You head into the living room and your spouse wants to spend some time with you as well and sadly you tell him, “Honey I have a splitting headache.” Most people can’t relate to what you’re feeling so the guilt causes you to give in to their needs despite your own. (More Guilt)

Finally A Dark Room

You finally make it to that coveted dark room without any light and without any noise. Your head is hurting so bad now you can’t get to sleep.  So you toss and turn and eventually wake up your sleeping husband (More Guilt). You climb out of bed and head to the living room, putting an ice pack on your neck hoping to finally get some relief. You fall asleep on the couch only to wake up feeling worse than the night before.

Next-Day Hurt

Your necks now stiff and your stomach hurts so you make the decision to call in sick. (Guilt). The boss answers the phone and has the typical response of, “Oh another headache huh?” Inside you know the truth and yet you still feel the guilt.

Never Ending

Later that afternoon your good friend invites you and your family to dinner.  Your head pain is screaming no but your heart says yes because you’ve turned her down many times before due to your migraines (Guilt). Once off the phone, your sister stops by.  She asks you to accompany her to the store that’s having a sale down the street.  Again, due to the guilt, you say yes because you don’t want to let your sister down.

So What Do I Do

Later that night once your family gets back from dinner you begin to lay down when your kids remind you that you promised to read them a story. (More Guilt) You finally slip into bed and close your eyes wondering will you ever have a normal life without the pain and the guilt.

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