Doctors Do Not Have All The Answers

Why Do We Think Doctors Have All The Answers?

Living as a chronic migraine sufferer, I have visited my share of doctor’s offices during my lifetime.  Every visit became a miserable routine of probing and prodding with no relief.  During almost every visit the doctor would increase the dosage of the prescription product that I was already taking. Along with that came even more ugly side effects and little relief. One doctor told me, “Just reduce the stress in your life, (yeah like that’s going to happen) you’re going to be stuck with migraines for the rest of your life.

I remember walking out of that office feeling defeated and not having any hope. As the years went on the pain continued as I tried new medications, Botox injections, and chiropractors.  You name it I tried it to feel better.  What I could never understand was why I kept going to neurologists and specialists? The result was me getting let down again and again.

Our society has come to believe that doctors have the answer to everything and quite honestly, they don’t.  Have you ever wondered why they call it a medical practice?  It’s because they are practicing on us. Over the last twenty years, I have seen a rise in natural and homeopathic doctors. A lot of them are getting results from their methods to help treat ailments that only prescription pills used to do.

I never went the natural/homeopathic route but suffered in silence like most migraine sufferers do.  Over the years I continued to try different remedies. I didn’t care if they were suggested by doctors, friends or the internet but still there was still no relief.

Relief Finally CameWhite female with glasses smiling at the camera

Fast forward to 2017, I began experimenting with different ingredients and I created my own combination of herbs and vitamins. This combination, now known as URLifeBack Migraine Support literally took my migraine pain away.  The best part was that there were no side effects, no upset stomach, no hair loss, just relief.  I was dumbfounded by what I had discovered and quite honestly, I believed it was a gift from God.

All I could think about was how I had suffered for so many years. How I believed that one day my doctor or doctors would find a cure but they never did.

What I’m not saying is that I have discovered a cure. What I discovered was something that doctors had not been able to do and that took my pain away. I have had no migraines since I created this product.

Something To Uplift You

This is to encourage you all who are suffering like I used to and feel there was is no hope.  Those of you who continue to go to neurologists hoping, “This visit will be different” please continue to do so. I encourage you to do what you need to do even if one of their treatments gives you minimal relief.  Minimal relief is better than no relief at all but nothing can beat pain free! If you’d like to try our product to see if you can get the same results I did, request your trail packets.

Finally, there are several natural products out there.  Not every product will have the same effect on everybody. I’ve read many stories of supplements that have helped some people but not others.  Our bodies are uniquely different and so are the underlying issues causing the migraines so hang in there.

I urge you to never give up hope looking for your answer. Do me a favor though and don’t put all of your trust in doctors.  They have more medical information than us, but they don’t have every answer as you can see in my case. I’m a living testimony and also living migraine free now.