Hops Is Helping The Migraine Headache

Hops Helping Migraine Pain

Today there are many different pharmaceutical medications that aid in the treatment of migraines.  There are also numerous all-natural supplements to aid as well.  There is also a little-known herb that comes from the Humulus Lupulus (Hops) plant that is now helping migraine sufferers. First, let's talk about the active ingredients found in some of the most common all-natural migraine supplements. They are as follows:

Common migraine supplement ingredients



B2 and B12-Riboflavin




These are common ingredients you will find in most all-natural migraine treatments. Most of them have conditions for their use, for example, Feverfew should not be used if you have a blood disorder.  Magnesium can cause low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, coma, and even death if too much is taken. Feverfew can cause rashes and joint stiffness. Too much ginger can cause mouth irritation, heartburn, and diarrhea. Riboflavin does not have any known conditions and is relatively safe in normal doses. Several popular social media articles stated Butterbur’s biggest issue is it can potentially cause liver damage.  The two most common issues found with Coenzyme are rash and nausea. As with all medications and herbal supplements they all have their good and their bad.

The Humulus Lupulus (Hops) plant

This not so common plant is still a virtual unknown when it comes to migraine relief but it is starting to get attention. In doing our research, this is what we found. With Hops, the issue we discovered was that it could cause slight diarrhea in some people during its first use.  Treating migraine-related symptoms with Hops was actually discovered by URLifeBack Inc (our company).  Prior, there had been no known studies done in regards to migraines and hops even though it has hops is known to have many other medicinal advantages. What they discovered was that this common ingredient found in beer actually aids in giving migraine relief.  In fact, their founder suffered from chronic migraines for over 30 years prior to using this plant.  This product literally gave her life back to her. 


Helping migraine sufferers

This plant has properties in it that not only aid in migraine relief but also other conditions as well. For example, it aids in stress and anxiety relief and most migraine sufferers know that anxiety is a related condition.  Hops also have a calming effect on those who use it.  There are no known side effects other than what is mentioned above.  The great news is that this plant also has vasodilator properties as well.  It aids in dilating (or opening) the constriction in the blood vessels leading to the head during a migraine episode.  This constriction in the arteries is one of the leading causes of migraine pain and the head pressure that you’re feeling.

Sorry to disappoint but will not get drunk

The Humulus Lupulus (Hops) plant will not get you intoxicated.  Most people hear the term hops and they relate it to beer.  Yes, it’s true, hops are used in the beer-making process, however; hops are the bittering agent for beer.  When you drink a beer and you taste the bitterness, it is because of the hops that are in it.

URLifeBack Migraine and Headache Support is a safe alternative to help with your migraine pain.