Migraine, More Than A Headache Or Head Pain

It’s More Than A Headache. What I Want Others To Know

During my struggle with head pain and migraines, I often wished people understood this condition. First, let me say it’s more than a headache. When experiencing a migraine, it feels like someone is taking a hot knife and jamming it through your eye. For me, it felt like my eye was going to explode. I couldn't function and I had constant neck pain and tension. When I went to sleep at night I had one and most days when I woke up I still had one.  Can you imagine this every day or even a few times a week? It takes over your life completely and it's extremely difficult to function.

Any type of light can be a nemesis. I’m not extremely photosensitive but when I feel one coming on or already experiencing a severe one, I had to get somewhere dark. They would impact my ability to work too however; I would just push through because nobody really understood what I was dealing with. I have noticed over the years that fluorescent indoor lighting can be a horrible trigger for me.  Sadly, most of us work in these types of environments which makes it difficult to avoid.

Girls Don't Want To Have All The Fun

Did you know that it’s not just women that get migraines?  Men get them as well and sometimes just as bad as women do.  Migraines are not sexist by any means.

What I’m now thankful for is that there are options to help treat my condition. I currently use URLifeBack Migraine and Headache Support and it helps keep them at bay.  I like it because it’s all-natural and I have not had any head pressure or migraines in months. Nothing else has worked for me over the years that I suffered. I take it as maintenance twice and day and I literally have my life back. So, stay positive and never give up looking for your remedy because I didn’t.  I wanted to give up many times trust me.

I Know How You Feel

If you’ve never had a migraine or similar head pain you can't relate period. I love how my friends and family try to help and even understand my condition but they can’t. Most people can't even relate to the conditions connected to migraines like light, sound and smell sensitivities. To make it clear, this is a neurological condition that is very complex.

What Can Others Do To Help?

If you love me, help me keep the stress in my life to a minimum. When I get home don’t start an argument with me.  Help me with the kids or help by giving me a break from them. Help me more around the house if you aren’t already. Let me rest if I need to. These are some of the little things you can do to help me manage the pain.  Rub out the tension in my shoulders and head and do whatever you can to make my life more bearable. Help me get rid of the head pain.

As a woman, my cycle can trigger a migraine. It’s so important to know and understand your body.  What food or smells can trigger a migraine or what stressor’s can.

Finally, I have learned by my condition to have empathy for those people who suffer from any medical condition on a daily basis. Migraines are just one of many illnesses or conditions where the sufferer feels as though they are suffering in silence.  I’m here to say I understand your pain and your plight.

If you find this story helpful please share it to help other migraine sufferers realize there is hope for them. If you are still suffering in silence get your trail packets of URLifeBack today.