Migraines From A Husband's Perspective

Migraines, From A Husband’s Perspective


My Experience

What kind of Husband's are we? There were times as a husband when I felt guilty because I didn’t suffer the way my wife did.  I couldn’t relate to the pain she was experiencing day in and day out and at times I was not supportive of her.  I spent many days selfishly thinking about what I was missing because she wasn’t up for a walk or a bike ride.  Or she was hurting so bad all she wanted to do was rest.  Let me say I learned a lot about myself during the rough times of trying to help her manage the pain.

It wasn’t all about me and I learned what it meant to truly be a servant husband, putting myself last. I began to experience her pain not physically but emotionally.  Once I actually shed a tear because of watching how much pain she was in on a constant daily basis.  I spent many hours in prayer, looking for the next great thing online or at the doctor’s office.  For a long time, there was no answer but eventually, an answer did come.  Hang in there with me and I will share this great news with you.

To make a long story short, my wife’s migraine pain showed me a lot of the flaws in my own character. I learned how to love her through the pain and support her in any way I could. Had it not been for her condition I may have never had my eyes opened to my own selfish ways.

What I did

There were so many nights and days where she would ask me to rub some part of her body because she was so tense and craved relief.  Usually, it was her head or temple area as well as her neck and shoulders she would want me to rub.  It started out as a chore for me but over time it ended up being my pleasure to do what I could to give her some relief.

I had never met anyone who suffered from these debilitating headaches until I met her.  As men and as husbands, we want to be fixers.  When something is wrong or broken in our life we want to immediately fix it.  I got on my wife’s nerves because every day because I had found some new internet remedy that was going to take away her pain.  Can you relate? She tried so many products all to no avail.  It was discouraging because her quality of life was miserable.

Can you imagine feeling like an elephant is sitting on your head just about every day for thirty years?  I couldn’t relate to that. The closest pain that I encountered was when I had a horrible toothache.  What  I remember was that I was miserable and would have gone anywhere or done anything to make that pain go away.

Sadly, for my wife, she didn’t have many options and had to endure it.  Watching her go to numerous doctors and neurologists only to be told there was not much they could do. She felt like she was on a merry-go-round always ending up with the same pain. This was very discouraging for me as her husband but more so for her. Sometimes her pain was so bad I would say, "Hun do you want me to take you to the doctor or the emergency room?" She would say, "I'm done with doctor's." As husband's and even family members, it hurts us to watch our wives suffer and there is nothing we can do about it.

We never gave up hope

Continuing my earlier story about the answer we received. Fast forward to October of last year, she began experimenting with different herbal ingredients.  She developed an all-natural supplement that took her migraines away.  She got her life back and my prayers were answered after years of hoping and praying and never giving up hope.

If you or someone you love is suffering from these headaches and still have not found your answer give us a shout.  Being on the extreme end of migraine sufferers, we believe this product will help you.