Naturopathic Doctors And Trial Packets

Naturopathic Doctors on Board And Introducing New Trial Packets

** On June 2nd we introduced our new Trial Packs. Each small packet contains 4 capsules each and is the same potency as the larger bottles we sell. Some of our clients have started stocking them for their employees in place of the standard packets of Excedrin, Ibuprofen, and aspirin.

With the side effects associated with prescription medications, more and more people are trying to go all-natural. Our product provides that as well as these new convenient packs.

This conveniently sized packet allows us to give it out to those of you who still have not found relief. Visit our website or call us to get your trial packet or trial bottle. It also allows you to take it anywhere you go conveniently. Carry it in your purse or pocket so you’ll have it if needed during a migraine or headache episode. Our new trial packs are all the rage on social media and being ordered by the box full.

Partnering With Naturopaths

Also, during the month of May we began partnering with several Naturopathic and holistic doctors all over the U.S. These doctors were very interested in the benefits of our product for their patients. The appeal for them was the all-natural ingredients that are in URLifeBack. They are excited to begin giving it to their patients who are suffering from migraines and headaches.

Don’t get left out. Take advantage of the ability to try our product before actually spending a lot of money on it. We created these packets with you in mind. Feel free to pass them out to friends and family or keep them for when that migraine rears its head.

~ If you verify that you are a doctor and would like to order our trial packs for your patients, please mention this when calling 844-394-0000 as we have a discounted rate for you ~