Not Tonight Honey I Have A Headache!

Not Tonight Honey, I Have A Headacheman facing a woman


This statement has been a longstanding joke for decades where a wife says this to her husband. Husband's often complained of their wives not wanting to be intimate because they had a headache. Let me be the first to tell you there is actually some truth to this. When this statement is made, it's not a headache folks, it's a migraine. I'm sure there have been some who have used this excuse for their own selfish reasons but not all of us. For many of us, we were literally praying for death and curled up into a ball wishing the pain away.

Migraine pain is one of the most debilitating conditions to deal with and most people don't understand what a sufferer is dealing with. I never used the "headache" excuse but there were many days I couldn't even move because of the pain. For years I just forced myself to exist with the migraines because life has to go on. Migraines can literally cripple you right in your tracks. The constant trips to neurologists and emergency rooms can be expensive and exhausting only to find you're still in pain.

To make matters even worse there are several migraine-related conditions such as ocular, cluster, aura, nausea, medication side effects, vomiting and more. We haven't even touched on other factors such as the weather or hormones and the role they play in this whole mess. To add insult to injury, doctors are still trying to find ways to make it better for their patients. I've seen stories where some migraine sufferers have had success with this pill or that herb. I've read where some have had success with certain prescription medications while others who are taking that same medication did not. There are so many variables when it comes to migraines.

Is There a Stigma Related To Migraines?

A migraine headache can be described as an invisible disease that can eventually lead to depression in its sufferers. Because of their relation to estrogen and hormones, typically migraines affect more women than men. I remember the first time I heard the term, "Suffering in silence" I was blown away. That was such a true statement.

Most people can't relate to your pain nor can they understand how debilitating it is for you. When they look at you, to them you look normal. Some have gotten the strangest looks when they left work after telling their boss they had a headache. Their boss just didn't understand. We try to push through our day, raise our kids, work our job and entertain our family, etc. We do all this while feeling like our head's about to explode or like our eye is going to pop out of our head.

You're Not Coming Into Work Because You Have A Headache?

Is there a difference between calling off sick for work because of the flu or because you have a migraine? To you there is but to most employers it's just a headache. There are those that have been fired or denied promotions due to their inability to work regularly because of their migraines. These headaches can be so bad you can't even function at work. Some have been put on long term disability and ended up with anxiety and depression because they couldn't work. Others have fought for disability related to their migraine condition with no luck at all. It's heartbreaking what so many migraine sufferers deal with.

Most of you reading this are either suffering from a migraine or looking for answers related to them. We understand your pain here at URLifeBack and want nothing more than for you to have your life back.