Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

Migraines are a huge mystery to doctors and have been for a lot of years. What makes this condition so complex is the fact all of us have completely different bodies. What works for one person does nothing for another.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that there are many different things that can trigger a migraine on top of that.  So doctors have to take all of this into account when trying to treat someone who is sick from migraine pain.

I have hurt so bad at times that I have taken myself to the emergency room only to leave feeling almost as bad as when I arrived.  Where is the answer to this condition?  Every year there are new prescriptions that hit the market  New remedies appear online and ironically, some of the new medications and remedies have helped some.  What about those who for whatever reason, the new medications didn’t work.”  Where’s their hope?

What is being done?

In this country, more federal money is spent on other medical conditions like cancer and heart disease than migraines.  In fact, research for migraine cures is one of the least government-funded conditions.  Why is that? Why has this issue not been taken more seriously? I truly believe society as a whole can't understand our plight nor do they see it as anything more than, “Just a mere headache.”  It is not just a mere headache as those who suffer know.

I belong to several migraine groups on several social media sites and there are so many sufferers out there that it breaks my heart.  There are so many people who are crying out for help and have been doing so for years. We all want to be better right?  We all want the “Doctor” who is supposed to know these things, to finally tell us what is wrong with us.  It’s horrible to live this way especially for years on end. It's time out for all of the sad faces, crying emoticons I see on every migraine post.  Relief needs to come now.

How many?

How many of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Have you been waiting for some new remedy to appear or have you tried just about every internet remedy out there? How many of you have been to numerous doctor visits where you leave with some new medication or an increase in your old one that is barely working?  Are you suffering from side effects just to get some small amount of relief from the migraines?  How many of you are losing sleep, your hair, and your sanity because of the pain and the horrible side effects related to prescription medications? How many of you have not had a restful night’s sleep let alone a “Good day in a long time?”

Putting all my stock in doctors

This is not to bash doctors because they are necessary. One thing I had to keep reminding myself over the years is that there is a reason why they call it a medical practice.  Think about it, doctor's are practicing.  As much as they'd like to, they don’t have all the answers and we run to them because we know no other way.  While searching for your migraine fix, keep in mind there are good natural ways to find relief from migraines as well even if it’s only to avoid the side effects of the prescription medications.

Final thoughts

I suffered for 30 years with a migraine just about every day of the week and it kept me sick.  I was jealous of those who would only get a migraine from time to time. Pretty selfish right? I want to encourage you all to never give up hope.  This ongoing condition is painful, It's mind-boggling and at times life draining.  I am now living proof that God answers prayer.  Little did I think that I would know life without a migraine until several months ago.  While experimenting with all-natural ingredients I came across a combination that allows me to now live migraine free.

I no longer use prescription drugs as I have weaned myself off of them all.  Currently, I have my life back and I owe it to God first and URLifeBack second.  Naming our new product was easy because, like most of you, I know you understand what it’s like not to have a life because of the pain.  

Eva Dowlen is the Owner/Founder of URlifeBack Migraine and Headache Support.  She is also a former migraine sufferer who is now migraine free!