The Top Five Migraine Supplement Treatments

The Top Five Migraine Supplement Treatments

 Over the years doctors and scientists have tried to come up with remedies to help people who suffer from migraines.  In this article, we will discuss what we believe are the top five migraine supplements being used today. There has been an increase in the number of natural supplements that have helped to decrease the number of migraines.  Unfortunately, a cure has not been discovered. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular ingredients that migraine sufferers are using to find relief.


Most of us know that migraines are more common in women than they are in men. Catheminal migraines (their medical name) typically occur around the time of a woman’s cycle. There is usually an increase or surge in a woman's estrogen during this time. Women with this sort of trigger have used progesterone tablets to offset and prevent migraines during this time of the month. I advise caution using contraceptives for migraines because birth control pills can cause blood clots, high blood pressure, and stroke.  Stroke is especially prevalent in smokers and migraine sufferers who experience the aura effect.

URLifeBack Relief Complex

This plant was a virtual unknown in regards to migraine relief but is beginning to draw a lot of attention.  Most migraine sufferers experience head pressure and pain because of the vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in their heads.  The Humulus Lupulus plant works as a vasodilator, therefore, opening up those blood vessels and giving almost instant relief. There are little to no known side effects related to this plant.  It also has other medicinal advantages such as stress and anxiety relief as well as a calming effect.  Keep an eye on this one as it gains momentum. This plant stands at number two out of the top five supplements.

Vitamin B2 and B12 - riboflavin

This is a natural vitamin that comes from sources such as asparagus, chicken (poultry) and some dairy. Studies have been done over the last few decades where migraine sufferers have used this vitamin for migraine relief. According to the study, it helped combat the number of migraines as well as the duration and intensity of them.  Doctors found that it helped about 49% of those who were suffering from migraines.  (Note: Be careful as this vitamin should not be used by people using contraceptives or those with cataracts. This ingredient came in third out of the top five supplements suggested.

Raw Peppermint

This mint is available in many different forms.  You can buy it in edible oils, fresh mint or tea bags. Studies have shown this particular mint works best when applied to the forehead during a migraine episode. Part of the reason is because the smell of peppermint can ease nausea which is a related migraine symptom. Remember you only need to use a drop or two as this mint is very powerful in its raw form. If you're up to it, make yourself a nice cup of peppermint tea while you're at it! Peppermint came in a strong fourth out of the top five supplements suggested.


This leaf is currently being sold as a root extract (purified). Studies have shown that for some migraine sufferers who took 50mg two times a day experienced some relief.  I also know that for some sufferers this ingredient did not have an effect on their migraine pain. Regarding any treatment, our bodies are all different and what works for some may not work for others. (Note: When taking Butterbur make sure you are only the taking PA-free type as non-PA-free can cause liver damage.

Moving forward

Always consult a physician about possible risks before taking any supplements. There is no known cure for migraines so anything that helps you navigate the painful waters should be looked into.  I believe the same goes for prescription medications too.  I do however; believe that most prescriptions can cause some type of side effect.  Be sure to discuss any potential side effects and benefits with your doctor regarding prescription medications.