Why Am I Suffering With These Migraines?

I was suffering because of my migraines and it seemed like everything in my life suffered around me. I know what it is like to excuse myself from family and friends just to find a dark room and lay down. It was hard for them to understand that I was in REAL pain and that I couldn’t handle the lights, sounds, smells or stress. I remember pushing myself every day to function in the workplace. It was hard enough to manage the throbbing pain but almost impossible to read the computer screen in front of me due to the persistent aura. For many years I wondered why I was experiencing migraines when the people around me seemed to have happy, normal lives. I went from doctor to doctor to find out why I was stricken by this horrible 8 letter word MIGRAINE. All I found was that no one could give a direct answer. What the doctors did give me was information regarding the possible triggers that causes them.  They also told me things I could avoid reducing the triggers so I will share them with you. Remember, we can't avoid every trigger so don't forget to request your Trial Packets here.

Hormonal Changes – Can change in my hormones trigger a migraine? Women that have a history of migraines usually report headaches right before or during their periods, when their estrogen levels drop. Some may have a tendency to develop migraines during pregnancy or menopause. Taking hormonal medication like oral contraceptive and hormone replacement therapy may also worsen migraines.

Stress – Can stress trigger or cause a migraine? No matter if you are at home, at an event or in the workplace, stress can trigger a migraine so do your best to reduce the stress in your life.

Foods – Can certain foods trigger a migraine? Processed foods, aged cheeses, salty foods, the sweetener aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG), are just a few foods that can cause an attack. If you skip meals or do a fast, these too can trigger a migraine.

Drinks – Can drinking alcohol cause a migraine? Alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated soda are all possible triggers.  The one thing that is good for you is water, water, water. If you get dehydrated, this too will cause a migraine so drink up!

Environmental Changes - Can the weather cause a migraine? Barometric pressure or a change in the weather can prompt a migraine. These migraines can be horrible and you have probably asked yourself, "Why does my head hurt when it's cloudy outside?"

Physical Elements – Can exercising cause a migraine? Although exercise is very good for you, intense physical exertion, including sexual activity, may trigger some migraines. It is also possible to trigger a migraine just by chewing gum.

More Common Triggers Cont...

Changes in Your Sleep Patterns – Can changes in my sleep pattern cause a migraine? Sleeping too much, not getting enough sleep or jet lag may trigger a migraine.

Sensory Irritations – Do bright lights or sounds cause migraines? Bright or pulsating lights, loud sounds, sun glare, perfumes, secondhand smoke, fingernail polish, gasoline, paint thinner, and many other strong smells can trigger some migraines in people.

Medications – Can my medications trigger a migraine? Yes, the very medication that some doctors prescribe for your migraine may actually aggravate or trigger a migraine. There are other medications that also may trigger a headache, so be sure to check the side effects before you take it. To learn more about our product and how it can help you click here.

There are several risk factors you should be aware of as well. If you are a woman, you are three times more likely to have migraines than men. Migraines can begin at any stage of your life. Most often they occur during adolescence and sometimes tend to peak in your 30’s, becoming less frequent and severe. They may also change during your pregnancy or the menopausal stage. Genetically, if you have had family members that suffered from migraines, you too have a good possibility of becoming a migraine suffer.

Some of you have asked, "How do I avoid my migraine triggers?" Even though most experts recommend avoiding the common migraine triggers, some can’t be avoided and avoidance isn’t always effective

So, to help you reduce the severity and number of migraines, you may have to make a lifestyle change. Establish a daily routine consisting of regular meal patterns, regular sleep patterns (turning off the cell phone at night), regular aerobic exercise to reduce tension, and regularly scheduled “me time”. Take a bubble bath, light some candles, turn on some soft music and turn the stress of the day off. Feel free to try URLifeBack Migraine and Headache Support and get your life back today!  Don't leave here without getting your Trial Packets.