Why Do I Have Pain On One Side?

Pain On One Side Of My Head

In1999 there was a study done regarding the associated pain that occurs with migraines. The study indicated about 60% of migraine sufferers complain of pain on one particular side of their head.  The medical term for pain primarily on one side of the head is called unilateral pain.  Pain on both sides of the head is called bilateral pain.  It is still unclear why this happens in over 60% of migraine sufferers.

Here’s the irony of it all.  The word migraine comes from the Latin word hemicrania.  This word means pain on one side of the head. When talking with migraine sufferers you will find most have targeted pain on one side of the head.  If you want to take it even deeper, the largest percentage of sufferers feel it on the right side. Let’s discuss why.

Tell me why it only hurts on one side?

What we do know is that migraine headache pain is beyond uncomfortable as most who suffer will attest.  This one-sided pain, however, is not likely to be associated with brain pain.  To clarify, our brains and skull material do not have nerve endings in them so they won’t cause this direct pain that you're feeling. The truth is there are many different factors that contribute to this pain.  Some include lack of sleep, withdrawal from caffeine, stress, not eating and even medication side effects to name a few.

Most people don’t realize that the actual medication they may be taking to combat their migraine is actually contributing to their migraine headaches.

Other causes

Sinus related issues and infections can also contribute to this one-sided dilemma.  The inflammation in the sinus cavity leads to head pressure behind the face and forehead area. As mentioned above, even overusing medications to treat these symptoms can contribute to your discomfort.

Did you know that you have two nerves that run from your upper neck and spine area directly to your scalp?  How many of you have ever felt like your actual hair was hurting?  Or felt like you could just touch your scalp slightly and it hurt to the touch?  The conclusion is that it's related to these two nerves being inflamed or aggravated.  If you irritate either of these two nerves they can cause shooting and tingling sensations.

Inflamed brain arteries can also be part of your problem. Inflamed or damaged arteries that supply the blood flow to your head can be a cause of this type of pain.  This type of head pressure can cause vision or aura related symptoms as well as jaw and shoulder pain. We can’t leave out other related causes such as an aneurysm, trauma or even tumors.

What we do know

When it comes to migraines it is still a huge mystery for most of us including doctors and researchers.  What we do know is that a migraine is a neurological condition.  It is proven that uneven dysfunction in our brain stem can be blamed for the one-sided pain. It was discovered that the side of your brain stem with the most activity was typically the side where the pain was.

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